Some people should just not have kids.

A Texas man called 911 and claimed he "spilled innocent blood," saying he carved a pentagram into the back of his 6-year-old son with a box cutter!

Police in Richland Hills say that 39-year-old Brent Troy Bartel told them he cut up his son because "it's a holy day."

The alleged attack took place on 12/12/12, a day in which some think has mystical significance. As for Bartel though, police aren't exactly sure what he meant.

Bartel cut an image of the five-pointed star on the boy's back and it took up nearly his entire back. The father then smeared the boy's blood along the front door casing of the family's home.

Police said that the child's mother saw what Bartel was doing, fled to a neighbor's house and called 911.

Went police arrived they found Bartel standing over the kid, who was wearing only his pajama bottoms. Bartel was ordered outside and police went to treat the boy.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and later released.

Bartel was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony that can carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. He remains in jail.

Let's hope he stays there for a long time.