The 2014 Gulf of Mexico red snapper season has been extended almost two weeks longer than 2013. This year's season will be a total of 40 days, opening on June 1 and closing on July 10, NOAA Fisheries announced Tuesday.


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"The 2014 season will stretch nearly two weeks longer than the 2013 season because the total allowable catch was increased to 11 million pounds. According to red-snapper regulations, the commercial sector gets 51 percent of that quota (5.61 million pounds), while recreational anglers get the remaining 49 percent (5.39 million pounds).

The increase was due in part to a change in the way NOAA Fisheries estimates the total harvest. In 2013, a new dockside intercept sampling methodology showed unexpectedly high harvest when compared to previous years.

According to the state regulation, Louisiana anglers could fish anywhere within 10.357 miles of the coast, and harvest a maximum of three red snapper each, one more per day than what was allowed during the federal season."

Now, when ya load down your boat with red fish in a couple of months, don't forget about who told you the good news!