The new movie Rock Of Ages opened to tepid reviews by the critics but wildly fanatical reviews by my friends. I have had more friends contact me and tell me we have just got to go see this movie. From what I understand the movie starring Tom Cruise is just jam packed with great 80's rock tunes.

I am sure the tunes will bring back some good memories for me. I was in my 20's had most of my hair and was in the best physical shape of my life. In the time clouded vision of my memory this was truly the best time to be alive.

Being a radio broadcaster one of the services I offer is sarcasm and cynicism all at no extra charge. I have to use those virtues on my own memories if I am going to stay true to you. The fact is, we were kind of goofy during the 80's. Our women had big hair and wore leg warmers to school. Our men folk dressed in a style that can only be described in today's terms as not good enough for Goodwill.

If you don't believe me when I say we looked terrible then take a gander at this compilation of dating videos direct from the 1980's. If you are approaching 50 or have zoomed right by 50 years of age be ready to blush. You are going to have some explaining to do if your kids see this.