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Halloween, the potentially dangerous walk in traffic to get candy that you're not supposed to eat. Think about it. We have more warnings about Halloween than we have about any other holiday. There are concerns about costumes and visibility. There are concerns about traffic. There are concerns about tainted candy. There are concerns about candy in general. Why do we bother? Because we are stuck in our ways and stubborn and don't like change.

I think change might be good for Halloween. Traditionally Halloween is October 31, All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day. Well it can still be that on October 31st. It doesn't mean we should celebrate that day.  We have no problems with Easter and Thanksgiving bouncing around the calendar like Dolly Parton on a trampoline, why would we be bothered by doing the same for Halloween.

Here is my idea. Let's make trick-or-treating the last Saturday before October 31st. This does a couple of things. It keeps parents from having to rush home from work, feed kids that are too excited to eat and then dress them up to go get candy. It also means sugared up kids won't be exhausted at school the next day. Since so many parents who aren't walking with kids use the evening to sit out on the driveway and visit with neighbors the Saturday idea would turn Halloween into an annual block party.

How do you feel about this? Are you too much of a traditionalist and just can't stand the thought of moving Halloween from October 31st. Do you agree with me and see the many benefits of making Halloween a weekend event. Maybe I am missing something important or maybe I am the most brilliant thinker in the history of mankind. I am guessing I am missing something but I would sure like to hear from you.