Forget all the stories you may have read on the Internet about the end of the world coming later this month. I can't say with any certainty that a doomsday event May 21 is or isn't going to occur. I do think there are signs that there is a strange disturbance in the force though. The biggest sign? I find myself actually agreeing with something that a Washington politician said!

 To be truthful, I agree with only part of what the President said, the part about people needing to have their head examined if they don't understand why Osama needed to be made past tense. There are people that think "we the people" acted unjustly in our elimination of Osama, among them at least one of his 17 or so male offspring. Oddly enough I can see why he would be upset with the U.S. I just really have no regard for his feelings, his Pop or alleged Pop was a madman, death dealing, terrorist who killed a lot of people's Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts,Uncles, Friends, Lovers, Fiances and Dreams. Mr. Son-Of-Obama, please excuse me if I just don't shed a tear in your general direction.