I love using my debit/credit card as much as the next person. It's just convenient! Who want's to carry around a wad of cash when all you have to do is swipe your card!

This might make you rethink how "loose" you are with your card!

1. Rental/ Security Deposits

You mean when we rent a car? Yes, When we use a Debit Card the company actually takes that money out until we return the vehicle.

2. Restaurants/Bars

This is shocking to me!... Not. You go to a bar to do what? No; you're lying if you cay to sit and watch T.V. We got to the bar to "relax" and sometimes get a little too friendly with our money. You put "it" down on the bar to pay for a drink, and turn around to talk to a friend... The guy next to you just happens to be a thief! Your excuse, "I wasn't drunk, I was just fine, I'm not sure how it happened!"

3. WiFi Hot Spots

Yes, like the coffee shop we all love to go to. We also love to shop online, I say "we" but I don't really include myself in that. So moral of the story is: Don't put in any information on the internet you don't want people to know about!

I don't understand where you got this idea,
so deeply ingrained in your head
(that this world) is something that you must impress,
cause I couldn't care less