I am not a football expert. I am basically a fan, especially of college football. I love watching the Ragin Cajuns, I cheer for Mississippi State, I despise Ole Miss and I am very confused by LSU. I bet many of you are in the same boat concerning the Tigers too.



Yesterday the Tigers did something they had not done since November of 2010, they lost a regular season football game.

I don't think Florida was that much better than LSU. I don't think LSU was quite as good as I thought they were either. I actually believe that some key injuries,especially during the game, played a bigger part in the LSU loss than any Florida talent or game plan did.

I do have one question that nobody really has an answer for. That question is this. With all of LSU's tradition, success, notoriety and ability to get national press, Why haven't the Tigers had a marquee quarterback since Tommy Hodson?

Don't get me wrong the Tigers have had some great athletes at the QB position. They have had guys that made the system go, they even had a number one draft pick out of the position. Still there never seems to be that guy under center that other teams fear. Matt Mauck was great at the position but there always seemed to be a question about him. Matt Flynn seemed to be that guy that knew how to play within his limits and that made him highly successful. JaMarcus Russel was just a great athlete, no defense really feared him.

How come schools like the always over rated USC and the even more despised Alabama and the even harder to understand Stanford get quarterbacks that make defensive coordinators lose sleep and go bald? Is it something about the LSU system? Is it something about the coach? Is it something about Baton Rouge or playing in Louisiana?

Maybe you have the answer. I know you have an opinion. It has got to be out there and I am probably just missing it or expecting too much from an already incredible football program. Tiger fans, I would love to know your thoughts on this.