There is one thing every parent can do for their children today and every day that just might change their lives completely. In fact this one thing may do as much good for Mom and Dad as it does for the little one. What is this simple yet often forgotten thing that parents can do for their kids?

You should read or tell your kids a bedtime story.

I know the first thing you're going to say is "who has time to read a story". You do. You should and you should make time. The advantages of reading to your children have been well documented. The time you will spend with your babies is time you will never regret. If you can make up a story from your own youth or your own imagination then it's that much better.

Telling stories is what brought civilizations together from the beginning of time. Imagine telling your children a story that your grandfather told you when you were little. Or maybe you could tell a story from your life when you were their age.

These stories not only allow little minds and bodies to wind down and relax and get ready for sleep. The act of sharing personal memories and personal quality time with your children will let them know they are important.

What would you rather you children know about you? The fact that you made a grocery list, updated Facebook and wrote checks for bills? Or the fact that you went trick or treating as a robot or made the football team or got to play a an elephant in the school play.

Teach your children the stories of your life and you will pass down the heritage of your family. You will also let your children know that their story is important enough to be shared with future generations. The more we know about where we come from, the more dedicated we are to insuring our future.

Who knew we could all learn so much from a simple bedtime story.

My son Jack is away at college and just recently shared a power point presentation he made for one of his classes. He is helping to design a solar powered aircraft that will be capable of circumnavigating the globe. A plane that can fly around the world using only the energy of the sun. I barely understood a word of his presentation when I read it.

However, I do remember many a bedtime where he and I shared stories of amazing things. Perhaps it was those stories that has inspired him to follow his incredible dreams. The kind of dreams that will make our world a better place for your kids and his kids too. Tell your story and share your dreams with your kids, they just might grow into reality together.