Let me go on the record as saying the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts are great groups for kids to be involved in. Both of my children have participated in scouting and are better people because of it. Being the cynical DJ type person that I am, I do have one small problem with scouting. My problem with scouting is the pinewood derby race. I love the concept of scouts building, painting and racing their own designs fueled by gravity and desire. The problem is when a parent, usually Dad, steps in and it becomes the child's car in  name only. I can't be the only one that has ever had this thought right? That being said, I can only wish that I had the know how to build "the world's fastest pinewood derby car".  Sure it's against all the rules and it isn't fair to the other participants, just like the #48 in NASCAR, it's cheating. Still as a Dad it would be fun to build a pinewood derby car without any regard for the rules and just let rip down the track.