Acadiana is the home to many a pro wrestling fan, especially those that consider themselves fans of the "old school."  They long for the days when part of the Saturday routine was spent watching Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Junkyard Dog, or Ernie Ladd on television.  With the WWE coming to town in just a few days, let's take this opportunity to revisit wrestling's past.

This is a clip of the aforementioned "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd.  A former defensive tackle in the American Football League, they Rayville native and former Franklin resident started wrestling as a publicity stunt.  He later became one of the most hated big men in all of pro wrestling.  In this segment, Ladd (by this time, a good guy) faces off with King Kong Bundy and gives viewers some valuable advice.

This doesn't even touch the surface of great old-school wrestling moments.  If you're going to see Smackdown in the Cajundome Tuesday night, check out some of the other great classic wrestling matches and interviews.  You just might see a few of the same people on Tuesday.