You can feel the tension in the air already, June is a scant month and some change away and wedding bells will be tolling almost every weekend in South Louisiana. In those beautiful churches countless thousands of gorgeous women young and old will be wearing dresses that they will NEVER wear again. It's like the People of Walmart got dressed up and delivered the curse of the bridesmaid. When you consider the expenses plunked down on a unique dress, dyed shoes and fashion humility why do it?What kind of payback is there? Well if you happen to be one of Carrie Underwood's bridesmaids you did alright. Would you like to know what each girl got for standing up for Carrie?

So let's talk about that ladies, do you have any good bridesmaid stories? Maybe some really "elegant"pictures of a dress that you still can't believe you paid for? You don't have to name names but chances are if the dress burned an image in your brain someone else is going to recognize it too.