The year was 1959, you might remember John Anderson sang a song about that year. This story has nothing to do with Chicken Trucks, Swingin', or even a Mississippi Moon, it's about the group Restless Heart.

This day in 1959 Restless Heart lead singer Larry Stewart was born. Larry was the vocal out in front of the amazing harmony of the group for years. He left briefly to pursue a solo career which generated the hit single Alright Already. Larry returned to front the group in 1998 when it reformed.

Would you like to request Chris Logan to play some Restless Heart on Classic Country Saturday you can do that right here. Or if you want to request another great classic country song you can use this link to do so.  Here are some of our favorite Restless Heart tunes, see if these don't bring back a memory or two.

The Bluest Eyes in Texas - Within the first minute of this video you will be asking this question, 'Who wears short shorts?' Restless Heart wears short shorts!


I'll Still Be Loving You - This is Restless Heart harmony at its finest if you ask me.


Why Does It Have to be Wrong or Right - This live from the stage of the Grand Ol Opry