For many young men football starts as a game of catch in the backyard. From these precious memories a bond is formed between father,son and football. This is a story of a player that gets not only the idea of sportsmanship but concept of what it means to be a part of a team.

Michael Ferns is the star running back for his high school team in Michigan. In this clip Michael breaks free and is off and running to a certain touchdown. Suddenly he steps out of bounds at the one yard line for a very important reason. He wanted to do something for a teammate that had suffered a tragic loss just two days prior. Michael's teammate, Logan Thompson had lost his father. Michael wanted Logan to score the touchdown as a tribute to his Dad.

That reason is why so many of us love the game of football. Football is often used as a metaphor for life. The lessons learned on the field usually translate well into our day to day experiences. Congratulations Michael Ferns, that may be the best run you will ever make on a football field because the points your scored will show up on the only scoreboard that really counts.