It's August and that means two things, back to school and the tropics are heating up with tropical storms and hurricanes. The season in 2011 has been quiet enough, but I think we are about to see  Rob Perrillo's tail start wagging as we get into the meat of the hurricane season. Just yesterday the Hurricane Center in Miami upgraded an area of disturbed weather located just east of Martinique to tropical storm status. The cyclone will be called Emily, now where is Emily going to go?

First let me say this, I am not a trained meteorologist, I am a weather geek. I love playing with the maps and the models you can find on line and to be honest I know just enough to be dangerous. That being said I do know who the real experts are right now the forecast track for Emily does NOT appear to be into the Gulf of Mexico.

Let's hope this storm will  make an even  bigger right hand turn and stay in open water and away from life and property in this country or any other country.

So do you have your Hurricane Plan in place for your family? Now is the time to do that, don't wait for the watches and warnings, get your game plan together now. It is better to be ready for the hurricane that never comes as opposed to wishing you were prepared when it comes time for action.