Music has a special place in my life, I bet it does in yours too. A simple note or melody can bring back some of the fondest memories of my life. Do you remember the song that was playing when you got your first kiss? How about what song was the theme of your senior prom? Or what song made you slug down the last gulp of milk so you could run from the kitchen table and park your carcass in front of the television to watch your favorite TV show. Television Theme songs have a time honored place in my memory here are my 5 favorites.

This TV theme always made me feel wanted and needed, like there really was a place where people knew my name and they were always glad I came. Of course if I was buying the booze they were a lot more happier I showed up.I especially like the rather happy looking chap right at the very end of the opening, think he had a few? Cheers everyone.

My next favorite Television Theme song was done by a man who had several TV Themes to his credit, Mike Post. He did the Magnum P.I., Hill Street Blues, Doogie Howser and The A-Team, but my favorite started with the sound of a telephone answering machine and the unmistakable voice of James Garner, then here came the drums and it was time for adventure. Let's make a call back in time to Jim Rockford and the Rockford Files

My next favorite TV Theme was by Henry Mancini, he did the Pink Panther, Mr. Lucky and probably a million other TV and Movie Themes. I don't know why I liked this piece of music so much, maybe it was because I liked the characters I got to know on this show. There was Hec Ramsey, Columbo and McCloud just to name a few. The theme started with a grandiose Hollywood fanfare and then gently slid into a whistling cowboy like melody. This was the theme to the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie!

We now move to the more exotic in my jaunt down memory lane. Do the words, "Book 'em Danno" mean anything to you? If they do then you better get your arms ready to play some air drums here comes Hawaii 50!

My final favorite is not so much about music as it is about love. This TV Theme song will always remind me of one of my first TV crushes. That's right I had it big time for Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie .  Ah, the joys of an adolescent imagination. I often thought about walking down to the creek with Mary and well, I don't know what we would do I wasn't old enough to get into that much trouble.  Still the haunting echo of the French horn in the opening takes me back and I don't see the struggling pioneers, the famine and disease, I only see beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed Mary waiting for me to get done with my chores so we could go to Olsens Mercantile and piss off Nellie Olsen.