If there is one thing Facebook has done for us as a society it is has allowed a very vivid glimpse into the lives of people we really don't want to know. Sure we all have real friends on Facebook. Then we have several hundred people that we have kind of heard of that we call friends on Facebook.

Those people keep gumming up our news feed with pictures of what they ate for dinner last night, pictures of places we'd never want to go and certainly pictures of babies.

Babies are a big staple of the Facebook news feed. I don't mind looking at babies, they make me smile but a lot of people don't. For those people there is a new application you can download. It's called Unbaby.me.

I'm not sure how it does it, but the application recognizes pictures of babies and turns them into generic pictures of cats, dogs, farm animals or squash. So if you believe children shouldn't be seen or heard especially on Facebook here is an app for you. I trust you will enjoy a long and lonely life living alone with your 35 cats in your single wide manufactured home.