The TV show Undercover Boss is a show about those in charge getting a real taste of what those that work for them go through everyday. This past Friday the show which airs on CBS featured a look into the operations at Ryan's in Alexandria and Lake Charles.

The show which aired on Friday October 18th featured Buffets Inc CEO Anthony Wedo in a job at one of his own restaurants. The big cheese of Ryans was working as a dishwasher, server, cashier and floor manager at his incognito stops at the Ryan's locations in Alexandria and Lake Charles in Louisiana as well as stores in Denver Colorado and Fresno California.

The reviews of Wedo's work in Alexandria were quite favorable. In a story reported in Alexandria's Town Talk, Ryan's trainer Whitney Durant suggested that the CEO would make a very fine server at her store. As you might imagine Durant was appropriately "blown away" when she found out the gentleman she had been training over the Summer was actually her boss.