I remember my son Jack when he was all of four years old telling me he had reached a decision on what his life's work would be. I thought to myself, this is it, he's going to tell me he wants to be a doctor, a plumber, an Internet computer guru who will take care of his dumb old disc jockey daddy in his old age. Nope, no high paying gigs for my kid, he was either going to be a train (like Thomas) or a leprechaun. Well if you or your kids are looking for work, there are some openings in the world of witchcraft.

In addition to witches, astrologists, embalmers, valets and driving instructors are now considered by labor law to be working real jobs, making it harder for them to avoid income tax.

I am thinking the downside to this gig besides where you have to live, is having to work with cats and not being able to drive a cool GMC Sierra to work, you're kind of limited to a broom. If you're still interested, you can find out more with a click of your wand or mouse on the link below