The WaterCar Panther powered by Honda may have just solved my biggest travel concern. This vehicle is part car, part dune buggy and part boat all in the same chassis. It can maintain freeway speed, it looks nice enough and you can water ski with it. What's not to love?

There have been many floating cars in history. One of the most popular forms of amphibious mass transportation is the Duck Boat that can be found in many cities around the world. The WaterCar Panther takes that boxy duck look and turns it into a slick modern form of transportation that even girls in bikinis like. Just watch the video  you'll see what I mean.

Why would I want a WaterCar Panther? My biggest concern in traveling is being stuck on the basin bridge for hours on end because some else was driving like a jackwagon and wrecked. If I could just skim across the water and then drive up the levee on the other side that would be just fine with me.