The sport is called ultimate Frisbee. Who knew that anything about Frisbee could be ultimate but I guess in some parts of the world it is. Don't get me wrong, I like to play with a Frisbee. I remember countless hours of throwing the Frisbee when I was a kid. We have a great Frisbee golf course in Girard Park here in Lafayette but I don't know if it qualifies to be called ultimate. I like watching  a dog chase down and catch  a Frisbee too.

I never knew that Frisbee could be a team sport, I guess that is where the ultimate part comes in. Admittedly I have no idea how to play ultimate Frisbee but I do know a supreme effort when I see one. The receiver on this pass gives up his body to get to this disc. His display of athleticism is amazing and his hands must be soft as a baby's bottom. It's a great play, a great catch and in the world of sports I am sure it was widely ignored.