I used to live just outside of SoSo Mississippi, aint that cool? Paul Davis fans will get that joke, the rest of you will continue to wonder just what the heck is wrong with me and that's okay. I also used to have to drive through a town in Mississippi called It. That's right the town's name was It.

That still isn't the worst name for a town, according to a survey conducted by findmypast.com across seven English speaking countries. What town holds the title of the town with the worst name?



#5 Assawoman Maryland- I have to admit I wouldn't want to have to answer that if Drew Carey asked me on the Price is Right if that is where I am from. Assawoman is actually on beautiful Assawoman Bay, that used to be known as Assawoman Sound but I guess like it's namesake it just kept getting bigger the older it got so they had to change the name.

#4 Hooker Oklahoma-This lovely little town is located in the heart of the Oklahoma panhandle in Texas County. The main occupation of those that live in Hooker isn't what you think it might be. It actually is "sittin around lookin at stuff" nearly all of the town 1788 residents admit they like to do that.

#3 Boring Oregon- I am guessing they really have issues getting tourist to come see what is going on in town. The town's chamber of commerce slogan of "Come Visit We're Boring" didn't really help things. The good thing about Boring Oregon is you know they are always showing Meryl Streep movies at the local theater.

#2 Climax Georgia- The town was originally going to be called "Faking It" Georgia but the town's residents didn't want to create any issues or start any arguments. Actually the town is named Climax because of its location at the highest point on the railroad tracks between Savannah Georgia and the Chattahoochee River.It's the home of the Swine Time Festival every year too!

#1 Toad Suck Arkansas- That's your winner. That's the town most people in the English speaking world would not want to be from. There is a reason why the town got such a moniker, it has to do with alcohol are you surprised?

Other towns making the list were Belchertown Massachusetts, Roachtown Illinois, Loveladies New Jersey, Squabbletown California and Monkeys Eyebrow Kentucky.