First to clarify, I am talking about "Fresh Prince" Will Smith, not New Orleans Saints Will Smith. The Saints Will Smith is a stand up guy, he even made a special trip to town just to buy a St Jude Dream Home Ticket! The other Will Smith, the actor, he seems to be an alright kind of guy too, except he does love to travel in style and that has some New Yorkers a bit upset with him.

I can understand needing a place to rest, unwind, learn lines and wait for the next scene in the movie, but this is a little on the ridiculous side. The trailer with the bed and the kitchen, that's fine, even a nice television but a movie theatre, an olympic size swimming pool and a full scale replica of Churchill Downs and all that other stuff? That is just big timing people, simply strutting your stuff because you can. Maybe our Will Smith can teach the Fresh Prince a thing or two about being humble.