In my opinion the word justice has taken a beating the past few weeks. People want justice for this, justice for that. What they are really saying is "things didn't turn out the way I wanted and I am upset".

The thing about justice is this, it's supposed to be blind and impartial. Justice weighs the issues, the options, the facts and truth and renders a verdict. Is our system of justice perfect? No, it  probably isn't. But the justice system is far more perfect than the other court, the court of public opinion.

In this video you will see the dramatic reaction of what happens when two women are sentenced to life in prison. Their crime according to a judge and jury of their peers, the murder and death of child. These two people want me to feel their pain? How about feeling the pain of that child? At least these two lower life forms are alive to feel pain. That child is dead and these two scumbags are responsible. But we should feel sorry for them because they are having to face the consequences of their actions.

Sometimes it is hard to have a positive outlook where people are concerned, this is one of those times.