You probably would not post an unflattering picture of yourself on Facebook, but guess what ladies -- your friends will!

This "revelation" came to light after 1,500 women were surveyed by the website MyMemory. They found that 25 percent of female Facebook users admitted posting ugly pictures of their friends.

Now the offended person can untag themselves in the photo but it's up the original individual to remove it completely. And according to the survey, that seems to happen. Only about one-fifth of the women surveyed say they would refuse a request to take the photo down.

Still, that can't be good for the friendship. Two-thirds of the respondents say they would be offended and angry at their friend if an unflattering picture of them was posted.

Finally, the survey reveals that the posting of these bad pictures is some form of payback, with one-third of all the unflattering pictures being uploaded as an act of revenge.