Boxing is a sport that has always had the dark cloud of suspicion hanging over it. Shady deals and behind the scene fight fixes are the stuff that Hollywood movie legends have been made of. With unscrupulous promoters like Don King it is no wonder that the American public looks at boxing with a less than favorable image.

That is a shame. Many fight promoters and boxing gyms are beyond reproach. They go about their business honestly and with integrity and then you see something like this.


Was it the wind that knocked him out? Naaa, I think this little fellow knew the writing was on the wall and the deck was stacked against him and he chose to go to floor instead of the hospital.

Funny thing about this video, the big guy in the ring is Ray Edwards, a former player for the Atlanta Falcons and MInnesota Vikings. We should also tell you the short fat white guy was not the original opponent, that guy never showed up for the match.

We can only assume the promoters went into the crowd and found the drunkest guy they could who wanted to make a little money and become famous as the man who was knocked out by a gust of wind.