Yesterday we celebrated the lesser of the parental holidays. That's not sour grapes, that's the truth. We all know that Dad's get hosed on their day but that's okay we don't need a holiday to go out and buy stupid things for ourselves! That being said, what your Father's Day gift was says a lot about the guy you are.

Did you get a necktie? If you did then your family doesn't think you are much of an individual, they perceive you as a character.

Did they get you something to drink? Maybe a bottle of bourbon or some beer? Well depending on how much they got for you, they might think you're an alcoholic. They could be saying they like it when you're drunk. Maybe you should  loosen up around the family a little.

Did you get coupons or something with an IOU? That means your family realizes they are a bunch of slackers and they really do owe you a lot. These coupons will never be redeemed because, first you won't ask, second they won't acknowledge giving them to you. I still have five years worth of "clean the kitchen coupons" from my kids. I tried to redeem them yesterday but they said they were too busy, using the computer we got my wife for Mother's Day.