Friends and family of Mickey Shunick gathered at 10 this morning to organize a search party to scour the areas where she was last seen. Approximately 35 people met at the corner of Ryan and Parkside, the last place Mickey was seen. As of 2pm today, no new information had been found.

According to a post on Facebook by her friends

She was last seen leaving a friends house on bike (near University and Congress) and headed towards Gov. Miro Street near the Walmart on Ambassador. She may have taken this route: Up St. Landry to University Commons Bike path and would have taken Congress to Gov. Miro street. She is a confident cyclist and knows how to get around on a bike.

Though her destination was near the intersection of Ambassador and Gov Miro, no one knows which route she took that evening, so the family is asking EVERYONE to walk around their block to see if they can find any trace of Mickey.

Mickey has curly blonde hair, stands 5' 1", and weighs 115 lbs. The family is asking anyone with information, ANY information, to call the Lafayette Police Department immediately. Even if it is information that you may think is unimportant, it might just be the key they need to help find her. The family urges you to call.

Mickey Shunick was last seen wearing light-colored bluejeans (stonewashed), a pastel-colered blouse (stripes), grey/silver loose-fitting boots, a leather backpack, and she was carrying a wallet.

The family is asking you to help by spreading the word of her disappearance. Please "Share" the links about her disappearance on your social media pages and websites. Also, help put up flyers around town all while urging people to report ANYTHING they may have seen or heard. If you live in the area between Johnston and Congress and between University and Ambassador Caffery, the family asks that you walk your neighborhood to see if you find the bicycle or any trace of Mickey. Also, if you live near this route and you have security cameras on your home or business, please look at the recordings between 1:30am - 3am on Saturday, May 19. If you see any sign of Mickey on your tapes, please contact Lafayette City Police.

Most importantly, if you know ANY information about her whereabouts, please do not hesitate to call the Lafayette Police Department.

Here is a picture of Mickey on the bicycle she was last seen riding.

Here is a copy of the flyer that is being distributed.

(Via Facebook)