At our house we have the things we call necessities and the other things we call luxuries. Necessities include paying for groceries, the house, electricity and the kids schooling. We consider things like vacations, eating out and 1.2 million dollar buses to be luxuries. In other words luxuries are things we'd like to have and enjoy but we only do so when we can afford them. Did you know that you and I just bought a bus for $1.2 million dollars? 

Is this bus going to be used to transport our troops safely in and out of harms way? Is it going to be used to make sure our state secrets can be transported from place to place without fear of compromise? No to both of those ideas, this bus is to carry horse manure.

By horse manure I mean political candidates of both parties to and from political events. Right now the poop de jour is President Barack Obama, he is using this state of the art bus to tour the war zone that is the upper midwest. Would you like to see this bus we bought?

I know I feel like that was my money well spent...NOT. This is a great example of how screwed up the hired hands in Washington are. If you or I were suffering financial hardship the last thing we would do is go out and buy a vehicle we couldn't afford.

I guess Washington thinks money is like sunshine, it's never going to run out. I realize the need to keep our country's leaders safe from evil doers but for campaigning? It's one thing if an elected official is out on official business but to use my money for the purpose of getting elected, I am not really happy with that idea.