There are a lot of things hot right now in Acadiana. The bad -- COVID-19. The "meh" - the weather. The good - the real estate market.

Interestingly enough, the Acadiana area is seeing record-breaking sales during the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps a good bit of that can be attributed to the low-interest rates.

Actually, interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fell below 3% late last week for the first time ever, according to Freddie Mac.

Now, during the summer months, I seem to notice lots of my friends in the market for a pool in their backyard. (Hmm, wonder why?!)

If you're interested in buying an existing home and want a pool, I've taken the liberty of doing a little legwork for you and searched to find the cheapest homes for sale in Acadiana that have in-ground pools.

Sorry, I took out the ones with above ground pools. While a lot of us have no problem with that kind of pool, I just figured most people are talking in-ground when they say, "I want a pool!"

So here you go, the 10 cheapest homes for sale right now in Acadiana that have an in-ground pool.

(Note: Some homes listed are "Pending" and those properties are denoted as such.)

10 Cheapest Homes in Acadiana with a Pool

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