One question that will almost always elicit a passionate response is, "What product did you love that is no longer available?"

If you don't believe me, just look at the comments on any post talking about the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell.

Or any post about raising the little flag at Pancho's when you want to get the waiter's attention.

I think that we can all think of something that is no longer available that we wish was available again.


I, for one, loved Red Fusion. It was like a mix between Dr. Pepper and Pop Rouge. It never became a big seller, I guess, so they discontinued the product.

Remember when products were built to last? Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and even toasters used to last much longer than they do now. Heck, I have a microwave that was built in the 1970s that is still kicking today.

So, what do you miss? What is something that has been discontinued or gone out of business that you miss dearly? Here are some answers from a Twitter feed on the subject.

Twitter user Angela Belcamino posted the question and, with over 800 comments, I was sure we could find some great answers in the thread.

ICURUOK responded with the product that I never knew existed: pancake batter in a Cheez Whiz-type dispenser:

Jeff Sonich responded with something that I hear frequently from a coworker: sodas made with real sugar.

He needs to run to the nearest mercado and pick up a Mexican Coke!

Jimmy was pretty dang quick with his answer: PDQ

I vaguely remember this instant chocolate milk, and it was the "Free Surprise Inside" that sparked the memory.

Who remembers Keebler's "Pizzarias" Pizza Chips?

Remember wine coolers? I was a fan of the Bartles & James brand, but there were several that were great, SO MUCH BETTER than these seltzer things they have on the market today.

When I saw this next Tweet, my heart sank. On many mornings on the way to school, we'd stop at the convenience store and I'd pick up an RC Cola and one of these:

The original Mars bar! They discontinued these here in the US a few years back, but I think that the Almond Snickers bar is a reasonable substitute.

Seeing the Mars bar made me remember another of my favorite snacks when I was a kid: the McDonald's Hot Apple Pie. I can't count the number of times I lost taste for a week because I couldn't wait for it to cool off enough before I took a bite and scalded my tongue!

This next bit of nostalgia reminded me of the McDonald's treat, too:

Do you remember the candy bar that "can't be eaten quickly"? It was the Marathon Bar, and it was about 10 inches long, and it was touted as being so long and that there was so much caramel that you couldn't eat it quickly.

When I was a kid, I used to love to buy them because, at face value, they looked like there was more in that 10-inch wrapper than in the 5-inch candy bars. In reality, there was about the same amount of candy in each, as the Marathon Bar was braided, so there were almost as many holes in the bar as there was candy.

If I remember right, one of the commercials for the Marathon Bar featured a slow-talking cowboy.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!  MCDONALD'S HAD A PIZZA???  How did I miss this??

Okay, I just hit up the McFanDom page and it says that McDonald's began serving a full-sized pizza in the mid-1980s, then soon moved on to a personal pizza, and then ended up discontinuing the pizza altogether. It appears that the long cook time (11-15 minutes) didn't fit in with the company's desire to serve customers fast fast.

This next one brings back memories of high school sports: Gatorgum!

I don't know how it worked, but when I chewed Gatorgum, my saliva glands were sent into high gear and I had trouble swallowing all of the spit my body produced. I guess that swallowing one's own spit helps to quench thirst. ::Shrugs::

Okay, I said "10", but I found another of my favorites that has been discontinued:

Oreo Granola Bars!  Not being one to read the nutritional value panel on products, I thought that these things were healthy because of the word "granola".

Thanks for taking a stroll back in time with us, now scroll on for stores we miss here in Acadiana:

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