Ten people riding in a mule-drawn buggy through the New Orleans French Quarter were injured late yesterday with the carriage flipped over. According to a report from a New Orleans television station, none of the occupants of the buggy were seriously injured, although one passenger was reported to have been taken to a hospital for treatment.

Witnesses at the scene told WVUE television that the buggy and its occupants had entered the intersection of Royal and St. Philip Streets about 3 PM Friday (July 13). At that time they were instructed by a New Orleans police officer that they could not come into the area because a television commercial was being filmed.

The officer ordered the driver to back the carriage up. The driver reportedly told the officer that reversing the carriage was not a safe idea but still the officer reportedly insisted. It was during the backing maneuver that the carriage slowly flipped over.

With the exception of one passenger who might have been pinned under the carriage no one was seriously injured. The mule that was pulling the buggy broke free from his harness and was captured some two blocks away by the carriage driver. The mule suffered no noticeable injuries either.

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