Middle School. That sweet moment of beautiful clarity before hormones came along and messed everything up. When stickers were awesome and the Disney Channel was the best thing on TV. The good old days before real responsibility when your biggest fear in life was not being invited to someone's birthday party. If you miss those middle school days as much as we do please enjoy 10 Reasons Why Middle School Life Was Better Than The Real World. If you do we promise we'll be your best friend forever! 

  • Clark Mishler/Getty Images
    Clark Mishler/Getty Images

    Student Council

    Forget political corruption, lobbyists, under the table handshakes, and candidates with hidden agendas; the truest form of democracy you've ever experienced was the 4th grade student council election. The campaigns were clean, the platforms were clear, and the candidates were your friends. Everyone got a vote and everyone's vote was equal. In the end democracy won the day and no recounts were needed. (Although Brad never did deliver on that better cafeteria food he promised) 

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    David McNew/Getty Images

    Field Trips

    Spending a day visiting a plantation and a cold ham sandwich was the highlight of your month. When was the last time you were that excited about anything? 

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    Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Class Warfare

    In the real world everyone gets a label. East Coast/ West Coast. Democrat/Republican. Upper class/ lower. In middle school the only real distinction that existed between students was bus rider/car rider, and the hostility level between the two groups was minimal. Except that the bus riders got to leave 10 minutes earlier. Luckyyyy. 

  • Mario Tama/Getty Images
    Mario Tama/Getty Images


    Remember when you didn't have to be 6'5 with blazing speed to be an athlete? You could run all day without getting tired, and could wake up the morning after without soreness. You competed with you best friends, and if you were lucky, after the game you got a Capri Sun. 

  • Mario Tama/Getty Images
    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    Water Fountains

    In middle school we had the water fountain, the ultimate hydration center. Now we have expensive bottled waters that don't taste nearly as good, and aren't half as fun to drink. We need more water fountains in real life. Why do water fountains have such a bad rep anyway? Fight for your right to slurp! Bring back the water fountain! 

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    Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

    Middle School Dances

    The music was way better, you knew everyone there, and if you played your cards right you got to dance with your crush. When was the last time you were as excited to dance with anyone than your crush at the middle school dance?  The gym was turned into a Hawaiian island wonderland, everyone had on leis, and you threw down without caring about who was watching or what you looked like. 

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    Ryan Pierse/Getty Images


    While in the real world you may struggle to find the time, money, or motivation to get any exercise at all, in middle school Physical Education was a mandatory part of the day. Oh, and get this, you actually looked forward to it. You put on those cotton shorts with your name on them and you played dodge ball like your life depended on it. 

  • Werner Rings/Getty Images
    Werner Rings/Getty Images

    Conflict and Life's Tough Decisions

    While it may have seemed like the end of the world at the time, in middle school many of life's the hardest decisions came in multiple choice form. Fill in the blank always had a word bank and if you asked the teacher for help she would actually help.  If you had a problem with someone it was settled on the playground in a wrestling match, and most of the time the kid you fought ended up being your best friend. 

  • Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Artwork In the Hall

    When was the last time your boss put that meticulous spreadsheet you spent days to complete up in the breakroom for all to see? Back in middle school, when you worked hard on something the teacher rewarded you by putting it in the hall for the whole school to see. You were so proud and you felt like a celebrity.

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    Scott Olson/Getty Images


    Cheap, fast, or healthy. You can only choose two. These are pretty much the only lunch options in the real world. More often than not most of us choose cheap and fast.  What happened to the cafeteria where well balanced meals were available and reasonably priced. The only tough decision you had to make for lunch was deciding which table you should sit at. 

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