We may have escaped the great cicada migration of 2024, but there's something perhaps worse coming soon -- LOVE BUGS!

Yep, if you've lived in south Louisiana for any amount of time, you know how much of a pain those things are.

If you follow history, then you can expect those pests to cause a messy chaos for roughly four weeks in the spring and fall. They usually show up in May and September and are most common in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, as well as Georgia and South Carolina.

Mating pair of black and red lovebugs on a green leaf
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When they come, they come in droves!

Why so many of them? It may be because they reproduce in epic volumes.

According to the LSU Ag Center, love bugs lay between 100 to 350 eggs. However, female love bugs only live for about two to three days.

The damage to your car

The bug swarms can be dangerous to drivers due to their attraction to carbon monoxide fumes on roads.

When they eventually get to splatting onto our cars, they leave behind a nasty film that can do damage.

And if you've lived in Louisiana for any amount of time, you know how tough it is to remove these pests from your car's paint and grill.

Bring on the remedies...

How can you safely and cheaply remove love bugs from your ride's paint or grill without doing damage? Well, a quick search of the internet reveals several low-cost options.

Here are some that we've come across.

Cheap Items You Can Use to Remove Love Bugs From Your Automobile

Ok, your turn. Give us your tips for removing love bugs.

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