A Baton Rouge waitress has been charged with theft after she allegedly tipped herself over $600 on a customer's receipt for under $25.

Sam Dan Truong via Unsplash.com
Sam Dan Truong via Unsplash.com

Baton Rouge Waitress Tips Herself Over $600

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office reports they received a call from a concerned manager at a Baton Rouge restaurant after receiving a complaint from a recent customer.

The customer told the restaurant manager she was "charged $680.15 on her $24.15 meal" according to WBRZ.

The manager then found a copy of the receipt in question and confirmed the customer's claims.

From WBRZ.com -

"The manager found that Rylee Francis, 19, was the waitress responsible for that specific receipt. 

The manager found a copy of the receipt, which showed that Francis had 'clearly' written in the tip for herself, without the customer's knowledge or permission."

Restaurant bill
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Rylee Francis, the waitress involved in the incident, was arrested Wednesday and charged with theft and credit card fraud.

Read more at WBRZ.com.

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