Life in Lafayette, Acadiana, and Louisiana in general all revolve around food. Cities such as Lafayette and the surrounding communities of Youngsville, Broussard, and Carencro are where good food, great service, and in most cases a really interesting story all make mealtimes that much better.

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And while it is true that restaurants are competing for your "food buying budget" the competition is not adversarial. Most of the restaurants in this part of the world really work and play well together. In fact, a large number of these establishments regularly lift up and support "dining out" in Acadiana.

The reason for the synergistic approach is to promote "eating out". The Lafayette restaurant scene, like many restaurant communities in Louisiana really had to tighten their belts during the pandemic months. So, getting and keeping people in the habit of going out for meals is vital to their livelihood.

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A vibrant food scene is also important to our community in other ways. The more people come to eat, the more they tend to look around. The more they look around, the more they tend to spend. The more people spend, the deeper the tax base and all of that adds up to a better community for people such as you and me to raise a family and grow a strong sense of community. 

What Makes a Restaurant Successful in Lafayette and Acadiana?

The first thing would be the quality of the food. But it takes more than a great menu and great selection. The food connoisseur in South Louisiana also wants great service. Whether it's food you grab and go or a meal that you sit down to with candles, tablecloths, and ice buckets if the service element isn't there, the restaurant won't be there for too long.

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Another item every great restaurant in Acadiana has is atmosphere. In some places it's accented with live music. In others, it's the scenery and the view. While still others offer a hint of luxury and there are others that the menu and the experience are made memorable by the simplicity of it all.

Local Restaurants Have a Unique Opportunity to Showcase What They Do

The program is called Eat Lafayette and it's a celebration of the eternal enjoyment of food that is alive and well in Acadiana. And it's "The List" we are referring to.  The program spotlights locally owned and operated eateries the encompass the joie de vivre of life along Louisiana's Gulf Coast.


No, not every restaurant is a Cajun restaurant but quite a few of them are. Just about every culture and country's cuisine is spotlighted by a local restaurant. The Eat Lafayette program gives even smaller restaurants a big marketing punch by sharing their specials, menus, and general information about the business that will attract new diners to come sample what's on offer.

If you are an operator or owner of a locally owned restaurant and would like to find how a small investment in Eat Lafayette can give your business the kind of exposure that money can't buy, please reach out via this link. 


There are a lot of perks available to Eat Lafayette restaurants. While the program is most often talked about during the summer months, Eat Lafayette provides support to member businesses all year long. People eat during the fall, winter, and spring, so it's important that your restaurant gets some attention anytime you're opening your doors.

We think Eat Lafayette is a great investment for your business and it's a great investment in our community. The more stories we have to tell about just how amazing our food scene is the more stories we have to share about why a visit to Louisiana, Lafayette, and Acadiana is a "bucket list" trip. Come for the food, stay because you want to eat more.

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