We as humans are on a never-ending journey to acquire wisdom. Okay, in between the bouts of acquiring wisdom to do find time to invent technology, raise families, travel around the globe, and make a lot of other choices that would seem to bring the concept of “gaining wisdom” into question.  

One of the ways we acquire wisdom is through the teachings of others. I am speaking of your parents here. You know, the people who were “so stupid” when you were a kid but now as you’ve gotten older and raised kids of your own, you find out they were so dumb after all 

In this crazy pandemic year of 2020, we’ve spent a lot of time gaining wisdom on the healthcare front. We’ve all probably washed our hands and covered our mouths more this year than we have in all the previous years combined. Still, some of thtried-and-true staples of our youth have managed to stand the test of time, and even when a new foe, or virus in this case, takes on the world we know there are some products we can just depend on. 

One of those products is Vick’s Vaporub. Whenever I developed a cough or started wheezing and sneezing my Mom would always apply Vick’s Vaporub to my chest. The cooling vapors soothed my cough and allowed me to rest. What I didn’t know was all of the other many uses of this incredible product.  

Apparently, soothing congestion and coughs isn’t the only incredible use for the very useful but highly unassuming product. Shall we take a quick look at the different ways you could and should give Vick’s Vaporub a try at your house?

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