Tuesday, WBRZ reported that a 13-year-old girl had been raped by an inmate at the Angola Prison Rodeo during last weekend of the October 2017 rodeo. The state prison system has taken a defensive position after the report.

WBRZ reports their sources revealed the girl was raped in a bathroom on the Angola prison grounds. Inmate Laderrick Davis is being accused of the crime. Sources say Inmate Davis was caught leaving a bathroom with the girl. When questioned, she reportedly admitted to having sex with Davis. A rape kit was then administered.

Because the girl is too young for consent, if that could be the case, it is being investigated as a rape.

Davis is serving a life sentence for murder.

From WBRZ -

West Feliciana Parish Sheriff Austin Daniel confirmed an incident was under investigation, but would not elaborate. Other sources confirmed detectives are awaiting DNA evidence to back up the rape allegation. 

As of now, the state is providing no additional information because it's an ongoing investigation. They tell WBRZ they will disclose details of the investigation once it has been completed.

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