I think every town, every community, every region of the country has its unique kind of superhero or supervillain. For the imaginative, those heroes and villains often display themselves as mild-mannered ordinary things but when left to their own devices or our inattention they become monstrous in scope.

My guess is Doug MacCash would qualify as imaginative. Doug is employed by NOLA.com and the Times-Picayune newspaper. He seems to be the one responsible for this unique take on the good guys and the bad guys of the Big Easy. I do believe Doug has identified many of the city's most unique traits and personified them in a most superior way.

I bet we could come up with some heroes and villains for our part of the world too. Although, some of Doug's food related superheroes would probably fare very well in our part of South Louisiana. In fact, Mud Bug and Po Boy might even be more powerful in our part of the state.

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