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The New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings both finished the regular season with the same exact record (28-36) and thus the tiebreaker of the flip of a coin was utilized to determine who would have the 12th and 13th best odds of moving into the top four.

On Monday, the coin was flipped and the Kings won the tiebreaker and will now have the 12th best odds of moving into the top four while the Pels will slip into 13th.

Now, why the results didn't have anything to do with the NBA restart to me doesn't make much sense as they were an extension of the NBA regular season correct?

Anyhow, according to Pelicans Beat Reporter Christian Clark, New Orleans odds have decreased but only slightly...

In addition, as you see from Shams Charania the tiebreaker between three Western Conference playoff teams has been decided as well Oklahoma City, Houston Rockets, and then the Utah Jazz.

Here's a look at how the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery shakes out:

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