The most foul, rage-inducing word on the internet -- passwords!

We don't like having to remember them but we got to have them. I gave up a long time ago in trying to remember the 87 I have so I just write them all down. Someone finds that list and by golly they can totally screw up my fantasy football team!

If you're like most folks, you pick a password that you can remember easily. And easy to remember often means easy for hackers to figure out.

The folks at SplashData have just released their "25 Worst Passwords of the Year" list. The passwords were compiled from files filled with millions of stolen passwords that hackers posted online. The top three on the list are the same three that topped the list last year ("password", "123456", "12345678")

By the way, SplashData is a leading provider of productivity applications for smartphones.

1.password (unchanged)
2.123456 (unchanged)
3.12345678 (unchanged)
4.abc123 (up 1)
5.qwerty (down 1)
6.monkey (unchanged)
7.letmein (up 1)
8.dragon (up 2)
9.111111 (up 3) (up 1)
11.iloveyou (up 2)
12.trustno1 (down 3)
13.1234567 (down 6)
14.sunshine (up 1)
15.master (down 1)
16.123123 (up 4)
17.welcome (new)
18.shadow (up 1)
19.ashley (down 3) (up 5)
21.Jesus (new)
22.michael (up 2) (new)
24.mustang (new)
25.password1 (new)




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