A lot of us consider life in Louisiana to be easy going. Our people are nice, our food is great, our weather, well that's too hot but most of the time everything is at least okay.

A new survey by WalletHub seems to suggest my point of view is not exactly the case in three of our larger metropolitan areas. It seems in those cities and across the state there is a high anxiety level that is brought about by concerns over safety, money, health, and the overall ability to cope.

The WalletHub survey found that Shreveport was the 6th most stressed city in the nation followed by New Orleans at number 8 and Baton Rouge at number 13.

Michelle Moore a Doctor of Psychology with LSU Health in New Orleans explained how those previously mention factors and other concerns add to our typical stress load.

Also family related stress. So high divorce rate, single family homes. Those things all contribute to stress.

She went on to explain to the Louisiana Radio Network that another contributing factor to stress and stress related issues is available treatment. The city of Baton Rouge, for example, only has 4 psychologist per 100,000 residents. That is fewest in the nation.

I think that is a definite contributor because they don't have enough mental health resources to cope in times of stress.

Another cause of stress especially in New Orleans is crime.

And people not feeling safe and secure when they walk out of their house.

The survey found that Detroit Michigan was the most stressful city in the nation while residents of Fremont California approached life everyday with the least stress. That is based on the survey by WalletHub.

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