For me, it is very difficult to go to bed a lot of the time. Being a college student surely doesn't help with that. I am always wondering what my roommate and his friends are doing in the living room or "I have to study"

65% of Americans say that they have sleep problems during the week.

-Here are 3 reasons we might be wide awake in bed!

1. Playing on Facebook late in the night - Surprising huh?

I am a late night Facebooker who can't wait to see if the good looking girl i've been talking to in class will accept my friend request! Not only that, but the brightness of the screen stimulates something inside that empty gap between my ears!

2. Counting how many times you ate today/sheep

As fun as it is to lay down and count things; it is proven not to help sleep by the National Sleep Foundation. So here is what we can do! Go fold clothes, Balance our checkbooks but God forbid, Brad stay out of the pantry!

3. Don't exercise in the evening

Impossible for me to do. I go to class all day. Go home, eat lunch, and come to work. Only time to exercise after 7pm. You might say, "Brad wake up an hour or two before class and go!" To that I say, "H E Double Hockey sticks to the no!" I like my sleep. Working out late is bad for sleeping because it pumps up the body and the blood gets flowing.

My only real suggestion?! Drink a few glasses of wine before bed; That'll cure that!