Summer time and the living is easy, those are the words of a popular song from the musical Porgy and Bess. Those words could also be ringing true for you tonight if you participate in the Louisiana Lottery's Mega Millions drawing.

The jackpot for tonight's draw is an estimated $363 million. The cash pay out would be roughly $244.6 million. Either way it's a sure way to make your summertime and probably the rest of your time on the planet quite a bit easier than it's been the past week.

The Mega Millions game involves you matching five numbers of your choosing from one to seventy-five. You will also choose a Mega Ball. If you match all five numbers and the Mega Ball you'll win the jackpot.

There are many other ways to claim significant cash prizes even if you don't take the top prize in tonight's drawing. If you'd like to watch tonight's drawing you'll need to be in front of your television just before 10 PM.

The Mega Millions game is a multi-state lottery drawing that is sponsored by the Louisiana Lottery.