Let’s be honest. Most of what we say on a daily basis is complete nonsense. Between complaining about last night’s American Idol results, and discussing the pros and cons of choosing Taco Bell over Subway for lunch, we tend to say a lot of dumb stuff.

Below is a list of the worst of the worst. The most illogical and nonsensical phrases that we lean on simply to hear ourselves speak. The phrases that mean nothing and annoy everyone. Without further adieu, please enjoy

4 Phrases That Should Get You Punched.

4. Just Sayin

The 21st century’s version of “with all due respect”, just sayin is the first entry to our list of terrible phrases. It has quickly become a battle cry for gossiping girls looking to unapologetically apologetically start mess.


“She’s not good enough for him. Just sayin”

“I mean, I’m not saying…I’m just sayin”

Aside from being absolutely meaningless, the most mind boggling aspect of “just sayin” is that it’s actually socially accepted as a way to say terrible things without being called out for it. What do you mean you’re “just sayin?” Of course you’re saying it. We hear you. Do you mean you don’t mean it? How am I supposed to interpret this?

3. It Is What It Is

Though it may have philosophical roots, It Is What It Is has entered the popular lexicon as the king of all sports cliches. Used for years by coaches and athletes as a way to say something while saying absolutely nothing, It Is What It Is has made it’s way off the playing field and into the mouths of sports fans as a go-to excuse for everything.

“What happened to the pizza I was saving for lunch?”

“I don’t know man. Things happen. It is what it is.”

“So did you eat it?”

“It is what it is.”

“Stop saying that!”

The most frustrating thing about It Is What It Is is that it initially comes off as a well thought out intelligent response. It is not. Your friend is not being is not being deep and introspective about the state of existence in the universe. He’s being a dick. And yes, he probably ate your pizza.

2. Sorry Not Sorry

A new comer to the world of meaningless phrases, Sorry Not Sorry has become a Twitter hash tag juggernaut. Used by girls as both an indirect direct way to condescendingly call out their enemies, and as a tool to proclaim their love for assorted weird stuff like Harry Potter and Ring Pops.

(Actual Tweets)

  • I don’t want a boy, I want a MAN. #sorrynotsorry
  • Yeah, I friend-zone every boy I talk to. #sorrynotsorry
  • I wish being day drunk was socially acceptable. #sorrynotsorry
  • I have no respect for a guy/girl that leads someone on. #sorrynotsorry
  • I’m in a relationship with my Harry Potter books. #sorrynotsorry

Aside from being annoying, Sorry Not Sorry is completely redundant. You are actually apologizing for not feeling the need to apologize. There is a word for that already. It’s called being apathetic. Say you’re apathetic. Or better yet just keep it to yourself. You don’t actually need to voice your apathy. Do you also tell people when you’re not hungry? What other emotions are you not feeling right now?

1. Could Care Less

Could Care Less is the illegitimate backwoods inbred half child of the more appropriate “couldn’t care less”, and it comes in at number one on our list of punch worthy phrases.

The phrase, almost exclusively used by drunks, idiots, and drunken idiots, is meant to express how little one cares about something else. Unfortunately, it is literally the worst way you could possibly express this lack of caring. Let’s break it down.

A.) If you COULDN’T care less, the amount you care is so minimal that it would be physically and mathematically impossible for you care a smaller amount. You are completely indifferent.

B.) If you COULD care less, you currently have a surplus of caring and could actually care a little less and still be comfortable. You have an overflow of care.

The biggest problem with Could Care Less users is that they are generally so upset when they use the farcical phrase that they are in no mood to be corrected. This makes delivering the punch they deserve a dangerous endeavor. Don’t let this scare you. It’s up to you to protect our language. If someone you know could care less, punch them in the face immediately. It’s your duty.


That’s our list of phrases that should get you punched in the face. Did you like the list? What are your least favorite phrases? Did you hate the list? Well, that’s just your opinion. I could care less what you think. I’m just saying. I mean, It is what it is. #sorrynotsorry.

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