A small group of seniors at Cascade High School in Clayton, IN celebrated their upcoming graduation with a prank, covering school doors, offices and windows with more than 12,000 colorful Post-It notes.

But the school superintendent apparently didn’t think it was so funny — he suspended almost 60 students, and a janitor accused of helping during the prank could lose her job.

Five seniors and one junior were suspended for two days, and superintendent Patrick Spray also recommended the custodian be fired. Dozens of outraged students took to the school gym to stage a sit-in protest — which resulted in scores of more one-day suspensions.

“Disrupting the school day and causing a disruption during the school day is not justified,” Spray said. “It’s part of every school’s code of conduct, and I believe it’s very consistent.”

Kim Rouse, the custodian whose job is at risk, said she didn’t let the students in the building as Spray believes, but is “overwhelmed with all the kids’ support. That does help me a lot.”

Watch a news story about the episode below.

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