Today is "National Left Handers Day!"  Whoop-tee-doo.  Just in case you are wondering, yes I am left handed! And that just goes to show you how much people care about us.  Right handers get 364 days a year and we get 1.  Oh and that crazy guy you hear on the morning show, Bruce, is also left handed.  Sometimes we feel so overtaken by this world of right handed people.  I walked through my house and took a few pictures of things that certainly show me, left handed people are not normal!

Yes we are normal actually, it's just everything is standardly made for right handed people, which is kind of raunchy, in my opinion.

Here are my  4 reasons why being left handed is so darn difficult:

4) The door handles- Yes they are for right handed people!  I bet you have the same kind.  Let's make these left handed people go all-the-way across their bodies to open the door.  Maybe they will just stay out of the house!

Right Handed Door Handle


3) The Fridge- Yes the place where I spend most of my time staring at food I don't have!  I think their strategy on this was to make it so difficult to open the refrigerator for me being left handed, that I never gain anymore weight- Ok, not the reason at all.


Food Place
Brad Vincent

2) Notebooks- Not sure why I didn't make this number 1.  This has been the most aggravating thing through my 15 years in school.  And I am still not done yet!  I remember my mom used to have special left handed notebooks ordered for me every year.  Come on, it really hurts my wrist to be sitting on the binding while I'm writing.  Plus, my notes are always smudged up by the time I get across the page (sure makes it hard to study with those kind of notes)


1) Computer Mouse- I bet I know where your mouse is.  No, I don't mean the one running up in the attic.  This is the most annoying of them all.  They stick me in class as a kid and wonder why I'm slower at everything than all the other kids.  Probably because everything in this school is made for right handed people, even the computer mice.  But, oh that's not the problem!  So I'll just stick to this tiny laptop "mouse" which I can't even fit my fingers on!

So that's what being left handed is all about! Wanna try it for a day?


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