The frenzied shopping season is nearly upon us and many of us will be out on Friday looking for the uber-awesome deals.

But, just because it's "on sale" doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best deal or necessarily need the item.

Here are four things experts say you might not want to buy on Black Friday.

  1. Electronics from a brand you've never heard of. They tend to be the bigger sellers because they're the cheapest option and that's because they're usually the cheapest made. Furthermore, they tend to get a lot more negative reviews online.
  2. Winter clothes, like coats and sweaters. Most stores drop their prices even further on Cyber Monday. So wait and get a better deal. Or, wait till January for the best deal if you can.
  3. Christmas decorations. The deals aren't really that good right now because this is the time most people normally buy them anyway. If you really want a good buy on decorations you should always wait till after Christmas.
  4. Doorbusters. They're usually low-end products. And a lot of times they are things you wouldn't buy if they weren't on sale. So before you fight a kid over that Darth Vader toaster, make sure you actually want the darn thing.

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