When you think of what makes a 4-year-old little girl's birthday parties great, psycho, bloodthirsty movie killer Michael Myers probably doesn't come to mind, right?

Aria Alvarado from West Covina, California recently turned four, and by all accounts, had the birthday party of her life.

Birthday cake, ice cream, presents, friends, and family all got together for a day she'll certainly look back on later in life as a great day.

But then, things got interesting.

vxmpyra Via TikTok
vxmpyra Via TikTok


Michael Myers Shows Up At Little Girl's Birthday Party

Suddenly, one of the most heartless, notorious killers in horror movie history shows up at the party, ominously lurching in the background.

Sweet little Aria hears the iconic theme from the movie "Halloween" and frantically begins searching looking for the vicious villain.

Not being able to find him she calls out "Michael Myers I Love You!"

That's when Aria locks eyes with Michael Myers who is quietly and patiently watching from across the parking lot.

vxmpyra Via TikTok
vxmpyra Via TikTok


What happens next is something that will certainly bring a smile to your face.

@vxmpyraMicheal Myers surprised her at her birthday party, Can you tell she loves him? ##michaelmyers##spookybaby##viralvideo##viraltiktok##viralvideosofficial##viralvideos##halloweenbaby##spookygirl♬ Halloween Theme - John Carpenter & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies

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