Many of us can remember our dreams. Quite often when we do remember our dreams we wonder just what the heck were we dreaming about. Dreams often create obtuse pictures of a bent reality that looks somewhat similar to our own existence. Is this just our brain playing tricks on us while we sleep or is our subconscious mind trying to deliver a message that we can't say while we're awake. Let's take a look as some common "nightmares" about being at work and you tell us if the explanation makes sense to you.

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    You're Naked At Work

    This seems to be a rather common dream at least in my circle of friends. The basic premise of the dream is that you know you're naked and you're more than a tad uncomfortable with the idea. However, your co-workers don't even seem to notice your nudity. Chances are this means you feel vulnerable at work. You probably spend a considerable amount of time worried about what your co-workers think about you. Being naked in dreams is often seen as a sign of vulnerability. You're okay, just don't handle the donuts.

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    You Dream Of Sleeping With A Co-Worker

    Here is the caveat to this dream, the co-worker is someone that you are not attracted to at all. Yet you still find yourself in the throws of dreamland passion with them. Why? In your mind you believe they posses a skill or talent that you don't have. In other words they have something you desire. Do you see the connection now when I use the word "desire". That's where the visualization of a romantic tryst enters into your subconscious thought.

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    You Can't Find The Bathroom

    I have to admit not knowing where the facilities are would be one heck of a nightmare. The way the mind shrinks break this one down is this way. The bathroom is your need. In your dream you can't fulfill your need. Therefore you don't feel as if your needs are being met at your job. Maybe it's a boss that doesn't listen, a co-worker who doesn't carry their share of the load, or maybe you just need to pee and can't find the bathroom. This could be a sign that you need a different challenge in your work day.

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    Your Equipment Isn't Working

    If you keep having the nighttime vision that your phone at your desk doesn't work. Maybe you can't ever get your computer to work during your dream. Maybe the projector for your power point fails in your dream. Your subconscious mind is telling you this. Your life isn't working. Wait ! Don't jump just yet, not every aspect of your life but a part you consider to be important. Maybe your relationship at home isn't going well. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or under appreciated at the office. There is some aspect of your life that is wobbling out of control. That's what this dream means.

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    You're Stuck In The Elevator

    Most of us would equate this scenario with feeling trapped. That's what our mind is whispering to us if you experience this dream. Perhaps  you feel you are trapped in a job with no advancement possibility. Perhaps you feel there is no movement to a better place in your future. The elevator represents your feelings about your workplace situation. The odd thing is that most people who experience this dream don't feel scared, they feel annoyed. Much like a person who feels trapped in their job.