Banned? What does that mean? Is that Jonathan Vilma banned? Pete Rose banned? or do they mean banned because we actually want you to watch it. There is a saying in the advertising business, any publicity is good publicity. Think about the Lohan's or Amanda Bynes or Donald Trump. The more we talk trash, the more relevant they become. Here are some "banned" commercials that I found. Most of them are from a time when America was a much more modest and innocent country. In fact by today's standards most of these commercials would simply be lame.

1.The 1970 Dodge Charger- This is a sexy car even by today's standards. The new generation Charger takes a lot of it's lines and style from this amazing machine. Back in 1970 the message was even a nobody could drive a Charger and suddenly have to fight the ladies off with a stick. Why was this commercial banned? It didn't promote wholesome American values like being true to your girl and not falling  pray to lose women.  It also suggested that owning a Charger can turn a good guy into a douche canoe in less than 60 seconds. Watch it for yourself.


2.The Oregon Lottery- I have watched this commercial about a dozen times and I can't see why this would be banned at all. If you win the Powerball I am willing to bet you will be able to afford a handful of mildly attractive women to carry a giant hamburger in your general direction in a non-nondescript pasture. What is not right about this commercial? Maybe it has something to do with eating red meat in Oregon or perhaps the PETA people stepped in because meat was involved. You watch and you tell me why you think it was yanked? I am guessing they pulled it because it didn't make anybody want to buy a Powerball ticket.


3.Underwater Fun- This commercial comes from Denmark where modesty is non existent. This is a country where being nude is no big deal so why this commercial for film was banned I will never understand. Perhaps it was the suggestion of immoral behavior in a public place wait this  is Europe they do that all the time. Perhaps it was more a sign of the times than in today's nothing can shock me world of television. I have to admit the commercial is quite funny and I did remember the product so score one for the people that dreamed up this spot.


4.Goodyear Tires- They say sex sells and tires aint pretty but.. you know the rest of it. In this commercial tires are the last thing we are thinking about. We see a loving couple about to enjoy each others company. The mood is right, the music is made by a cheap Casio keyboard and then we start to think about tires. I can see why this one might make some viewers uncomfortable if they were watching with their kids but in this day and age of nearly naked pop stars appearing on Ellen, I should say the Ellen show this again seems a little tame.


5.Bud Light- The folks at Budweiser and Bud Light have always brought some of the best commercials to our televisions. The frogs, the whaaazzzzuuup guys and Spuds Mckenzie, just to name a few have become ingrained in our social psyche. This commercial was banned from the Superbowl because the NFL is the epitome of hypocrisy. While pretending to be pure and good we all know the evil overlords of football are only slight better in the morality department than TV preachers and politicians. This commercial starts out innocent enough, a guy and his  girl decide it's a nice night for a swim. Ooops!


So which commercial did you find to be the lamest? I think they were all pretty tame. There was one in particular that made me laugh out loud. Which one did you find the most offensive, sarcasm intended, funny or just wrong? I'd love to know your thoughts.


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